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LVISH is a lifestyle brand offering high end streetwear staples. Transcending culture one garment at time.


LVISH is not just a clothing line, or another fashion fad. Its a lifestyle, a way of thinking. The letters LVISH stand for

Life Varies I'm Still Here.

Whats makes the brand so unique is that we're female owned and faith based. Every since our owner was a child she loved the arts and fashion and aspired to communicate her feelings through what she wore. She believes how you dress is a representation of how you feel, a lot of times used to mask what's going on in and around you. Her goal is to create high end streetwear pieces in limited quantities that make the customer feel good about themselves. She wants each piece to transcend the minimums and give the garment a custom feel. Even a basic tee will have a deeper meaning than its threads....

No matter how much things in your life may vary, you're still here.

So look good and feel even better with our garments. 



lvish Has been featured in the NY times-Fashion and on Claire Sulmers' in 2017 & 2018.