How Facebook's Latest Changes Impact Influencers And The Future Of Social Media Marketing

Wanna know where the future of social media is going? Well let me tell you where its not going, ANYWHERE! But there will be some changes in the near future. Mark Zuckerberg ain't playing when it comes to his coins. So he's decided to change the Facebook algorithm, AGAIN! UUUGGHH

Get in the know by reading this article by Keenan Beasley here.

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Wanna Learn How to Style Your Jeans?

Can't seem to figure out how to wear your jeans with different shoes? Are you short? Are you tall? Tapered, Skinny or Boot Cut? Stacked, Rolled or Cropped?

These are all questions we ask ourselves when shopping for denim. The task becomes even harder when deciding which shoes to wear? BUMMER!

Your problems may just become a thing of the past in this amazing article we found. Click to learn more.

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