Wanna Learn How to Style Your Jeans?

How To Do It: Stacking one's jeans used be perceived as sign of laziness, or at worst, a lack of style. But over the past few years, a slim stacked jean has become an insider's shorthand for of-the-moment cool guy style. Now, a stack still only works with uber-slim denim, so if that's not your speed it's best to leave this to those who embrace a pencil-thin leg. Stacking can work with a minimalist pair of kicks like Common Projects, but it's best suited for sneakers with a built-in sock-like upper (think Yeezys, Flyknits, etc.). A new-wave hip-hop move is to pair them with a pair of box-fresh Timbs, while thanks to high-end rock star-inspired brands like Saint Laurent, the skinny stacked jean has become as much a part of of the look as some slim-profile suede boots.

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