How Facebook's Latest Changes Impact Influencers And The Future Of Social Media Marketing

1. Influencers Stock Just Got a Big Boost:

 If you’re an Influencer, you just leveled up even further. Connecting with Influencers who have a growing audience that they truly understand will be at a premium for most marketers. It will continue to be the most effective way to influence consumer behavior via social media and beyond. The key is for Influencers to have a deep understanding of their followers and of their brands equity. The real question is, will Facebook begin to regulate Influencers and treat their organic content the same as businesses? Will they use the algorithm to measure the amount of posts from Influencers that seem to contain brands either in the content or caption and begin to penalize their reach just like the media companies and businesses? After all, Influencers began their accounts as regular people, connecting with friends and family and not partnering with brands. Time will tell.

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